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Doghouse to Dollhouse for Dollars™ , brought to you by Family Trust Publishing, features real estate investing tips for the beginning investor by author and college instructor Jeanette Fisher.

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"Blow 'n Go" or Color? Flipping Houses in Color

Afraid to flip a house? Flipping Houses and Media

Do You Want to Make Money Flipping Houses?

Real Estate Market Outlook

How to Get Started Flipping Houses with No Money, No Job, and No Credit

Four Things to Examine When Considering a House to Flip
Although each house will be different, the four main things to consider can be costly to replace or repair, and all of them require permits to fix. House to Flip

How to Get Started Flipping Houses If you want to get started flipping houses, here are some basic facts to consider.

New free ebook: Real Estate Investing Is Alive and Well: Smart Investors Make Money in Any Market by Jeanette Joy Fisher. Learn how to make money in the new buyer's market. Free Real Estate Investing Ebook

Finding and Financing Fixers | Should You Find and then Finance? Free Loan Shopping Information and Worksheet

Six Mistakes Beginning House Flippers Make
Although the 2006 real estate market hasn't been as strong as it was over the previous five years of the new century, there are investors who have made lots of money. However, there are a few mistakes to avoid: House Flipping Mistakes

House Flipping and Taxes

What is the difference between "flipping" and "fixing" houses for profit?
Fixer Investing Strategies

Flippers, Rehabbers, and Landlords: Who Makes the Most Money?

The REAL Story behind A Beginner's Guide to Flipping Houses #1 Article on Flipping!

NEW! A growing number of lenders are insisting upon having a real estate agent involved in short sales.

Real Estate Bubbles, Prices, and Trends | Media Headlines, Fact or Fiction? If you take some time reading real estate investing blogs and forums, you find that many people really want help figuring out how to make money investing in real estate. And it seems that the media loves to scare people with all the real estate bubble bursting, downturn in prices, and buyer's market talk. Real Estate Bubble

Free Vacation and Second Home Report Benefits of Second Homes

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Flipping Laws: HUD Fights Inflated Housing Costs | Are investors guilty?

Flipping Houses for Profit
Perhaps you've heard some horror stories about flipping houses for profit. In most cases, these investors rushed into a deal without fully understanding what it takes to make money fixing and flipping. Flipping Houses for Profit

Flipping Houses for Profit: Shifting Market Affects Beginners

Beginner's Guide to Foreclosure Auctions

Tips for Buying a FSBO

Fixing and Flipping Houses: Create Space in Bathrooms Without Tearing Down Walls

Flipping Houses for Profit: Current Carpet Trends Help You Sell

What's the Best Area to Fix in a Flip?

Fixing and Flipping Costly Mistakes There's no doubt that you can make significant amounts of money by buying, fixing, and flipping houses. However, if you make a mistake along the way, it can make a serious dent in your bottom line. Fixing and Flipping Mistakes

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