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By Jeanette Joy Fisher

Real Estate Investing Mistakes 2006 | Prepare for 2007

Although the real estate market wasn't as strong in 2006 as it was during the first five years of the new century, many investors still made a lot of money. In fact, most new millionaires made their fortune investing in real estate. However, many eager beginners jumped into the business of flipping houses and made some serious mistakes. If you want to enter the real estate market, learn from these expensive mistakes.

Contents (See expanded contents below)

  • Top 12 Mistakes in 2006 and how to correct them
  • Learn how to make money in the new buyer's market.
  • Why Don’t Some Beginning Real Estate Investors Make Money?

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Why Don’t Some Beginning Real Estate Investors Make Money?
Seven Facts about Investing in Real Estate
Real Estate Investor's Best Friend = ROI = Credit Scores
What You Need to Learn
  How to Make Money in the New Buyer's Market
  Bullet-Proof Your Real Estate Investment Strategy
  Should You Refinance Your Home to Buy Investment Property?
  How to Buy with No Money Down Today
  How to Find Great Real Estate Deals
Investing Strategies
  Flippers, Rehabbers, and Landlords: Who Makes the Most Money?
  Three Ways to Make Money Flipping Houses
  Fix and Flip Real Estate Investing Mistakes 2006 | Prepare for 2007
  Foreclosure REO
  Beginner’s Guide to Foreclosure Auctions
  How to Buy a HUD Repo
  Short Sales
  Spec Houses
  Big Guns in Apartments and Commercial
Making Money in a Buyer's Market
Tax Advantages
Why Do You Need a Homebuyer's Checklist?

Learn How to Fix and Flip Houses


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