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How to Get Started Flipping Houses

by Jeanette Fisher

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This three bedroom, two bathroom home sold for more than any other property previously sold for on the street. It was built in the fifties and we kept the original kitchen because the tile work was exceptional. This meant that we didn't spend a lot of money on home improvements.


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If you want to get started flipping houses, here are some basic facts to consider.

You need to prepare your finances first. Is your credit ready to finance multiple properties? Have you explored rehab funding with a loan broker? Rehab funding costs more but you can purchase with no money down and also get the money to fix the house. Because this type of financing is more difficult to obtain, consider purchasing your own home or a second/vacation home to get started.

You need to buy right. This means that you buy low and sell high.

If you're going to fix and flip, you must know:

  • how to find a bargain house
  • the estimated costs of repairs
  • how to make repairs
  • which improvements will make a difference in your bottom line
  • how long it will take you to fix the property
  • what the house will sell for
  • how to market and sell your house
If you just want to flip a house to another home buyer without making improvements, you need to know who will buy the property before you write up a purchase contract.

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