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Discover the amazing secrets of a grandmother making over $200,000 a year playing with dollhouses.

Learn how to fix 'n flip, how to start real estate investing, and how to design to sell with Jeanette Fisher's books used in her college courses.

Tired of infomercials selling out-of-date investing strategies? Get the truth about making money investing in real estate in today's market.

Discover how you can find, finance, fix, and sell distressed properties for higher profits using new Interior Design Psychology.

"Doghouse to Dollhouse for Dollars: Using Design Psychology to Increase Real Estate Profits" by Interior Design Psychology college instructor Jeanette Fisher.

The ONLY book to reveal interior design secrets to making top dollar investing in real estate. Use Design Psychology to sell FAST, save time, and money.

Jeanette breaks through the barriers for first-time home buyers and helps real estate investors make more money.

  • Find out how you can fix your credit to buy a house
  • Learn how to fix houses for higher income and sales
  • Get out of debt -- for life
  • Invest in real estate and retire in style.

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Amazon best-selling real estate book undergoing revision for new publisher. The cover will be different, but the Design Psychology principles remain the same.

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Jeanette's real estate investing books and courses guide you with easy ways to find, finance, fix, and sell transformed houses.

"I wish I had Jeanette's book, Doghouse to Dollhouse for Dollars, years ago. I could have made billions instead of millions!" -Jackie B., Investor, Newport Beach, California

"Real life 'how to' get started in real estate investing." -Greg Clement, Seminar Student, Menifee, California

If you're like 75% of Americans born after 1945, you're going to have to retire on your own, without a pension or assurance that Social Security will make payments to the retirement you've earned.

Don't get caught like many people and realize how ill-prepared you are for retirement when it's too late. Be smart, find out how you can enjoy the retirement you deserve investing in real estate.

You might think that the real estate market has changed too much to get in on the gold rush. There are always people in trouble who need to sell their homes. Most of the time, distressed sellers also have homes that need a little TLC to spruce them up. Learn interior design secrets to fixing for less AND give you the designer's touch to sell for more money.

In case you are skeptical (we respect that), just in case you've been "fooled" or "taken" by get-rich-quick schemes that promise riches and never deliver, let me quickly tell you what our SYSTEM is NOT:

  • A "Get rich quick" scheme
  • A "Get home sellers to give your their houses to 'Save their credit' promise" (This worked LAST century.)
  • A "Lease-option" plot where you pay too much for a house that might not rent for the mortgage payment
  • A "Drive around and look for ugly houses owned by desperate sellers" plan (Although you can do this, there are better ways to find a bargain house.)
  • A "Find an investor to give you their money to buy houses" system..

"The honest way to make money in real estate. Jeanette Fisher’s reality-based, step-by-step plan works. I made $37,000 in three months on my first home purchase." - Brian Baker, Riverside, California

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Doghouse to Dollhouse for Dollars does not cover what to do about taxes. You need to talk to an accountant. However, you can read some tax tips in the free The Truth about Making Money Flipping Houses ebook.

April Strickland

"Many investors fix-up houses for profit, but not like Jeanette!"

April Strickland, Realtor®, Orange County, California

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Learn how Design Psychology helped to make $70,000 for one month of work on the doghouse pictured below.

Hud Repo Before  Fixer After
Repo "Doghouse"   Orangetree Cottage "Dollhouse"

Dining Room Before       Dining Room After

"Doghouse" Dining Room Before                    "Dollhouse" Dining After

HUD Repo Mountain Fixer "Doghouse"

Fixer Cabin After

Transformed Sugar Plum Cabin

"I've been in the real estate business since 1977 in various capacities, title, escrow, and as a developer. Jeanette’s book, Doghouse to Dollhouse for Dollars, is an excellent read for beginners or people who have experience. She has it laid out in such a practical manner, you feel you have the plan and you can do it all! It’s also an interesting, fun book about family dynamics!" -Madlyn Creekmore, Investor

Doghouse to Dollhouse for Dollars

will help you find a fixer house and transform it into a magical dollhouse for maximum profit.

Discover how you can:

  • Find your first home, bargain property, or next investment
  • Finance your property, improve bad credit
  • Transform your fixer into a dollhouse for less money
  • Use Interior Design Psychology to maximize your profits
  • Market your real estate for the highest dollar

Portions of a letter to the author:


I wanted to let you know that I have read your book and you have really inspired me...

I truly think everything happens for a reason, and I heard about your book when one day on the way home from work I decided to listen to the AM radio, although I never had before. I really think God had a hand in my hearing you talk on the radio show I happened to listen to...

I want to thank you for writing that book, because without it I would be in a totally different mindset right now . . . You have really inspired me.


Joanna Alford

Phoenix, Arizona

Discover new Marketing and Design Psychology Strategies

Learn how to avoid boring "cookie-cutter" fix-ups, how to easily transform a dump into a dollhouse, and how to sell your property for more than the competition.

Find out how a twenty-year old woman made over $100,000 in a few months fixing and selling real estate.

Find out how the Fishers sell their homes in as little as THREE hours

for THOUSANDS more than the asking price and

Fixer House sold for more than any other home previously sold for on the street.

for more MONEY than any other home on the same street has previously sold for!

More millionaires made their money in real estate than in any other type of business! Learn how you can become a multi-millionaire too!

Discover little design details that make your home outshine the competition...

Antique bathtub picture       Stained Glass window    staged bedroom picture

This antique bathtub was a planter! Find out about the best porcelain cleaners.

Profit with design details that don't cost as much as the ordinary home improvement building materials. Learn how to save money on interior design touches that entice buyers to pay more.

This real estate investing method is unlike any other. You could spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars for out-of-date real estate investing books, DVDs, tapes, seminars, and mentoring. Jeanette's books do not recommend investors to act dumb and unethical in order to trick home owners into giving away property. Don't waste your money on tired systems that worked last century. Don't waste your time chasing ridiculous schemes.

Combination discount and free bonus ebooks only available here. No other real estate method uses Design Psychology & Marketing Psychology. Get the only books that reveal an interior designer's secrets to making top dollar with fewer dollars.

Costs less than a night out! Information lasts a lifetime!

Print books sold out.

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Full money-back guarantee!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Get started today! Order your copy of Doghouse to Dollhouse for Dollars.

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Companion Book: Doghouse to Dollars Workbook Turn "Yucks into Bucks" Investor's Guide

Get detailed step-by-step actions to take in finding, financing, fixing, and selling your dollhouse for the highest dollar profit.

Use the checklists to make it easier for you to make acceptable offers, obtain the best financing, estimate transformation costs, and estimate your profits.

Follow the selling checklist and sell your income property for more and in less time than you ever dreamed. This priceless Workbook makes sure that you haven't forgotten an important step in your investment process.

"I liked the Workbook most!" -Seminar Student

Doghouse to Dollars Workbook includes invaluable worksheets, checklists, and step-by-step advice to help you achieve your financial goals. Money back guarantee.

COMBINATION DISCOUNT ORDER Since the print books are sold out, you can instantly download the ebooks for less than half the price. This offer will be taken down when the new print books become available from the new publisher.

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Doghouse to Dollars Investor's Guidebook Contents
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Turn Your Credit Burdens into Wealth Building Tools

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"The BEST beginner's real estate investing books!"

Design Psychology "I wish I learned all this before we bought our fist house 25 years ago and before we had our children. Not only would our homes be more harmonious, but so would our lives together. It’s amazing to learn how colors, lighting, sounds, and patterns affect us so deeply." -Angela Pederson, Palm Desert, California

Sell Your Home for Top Dollar - Fast! Design Psychology for Redesign and Home Staging Interior Design Secrets for Optimum Home Selling in Any Market

Design Psychology + Marketing Psychology = more $$$ in less time for your home!

May your life be joyous and prosperous!

Jeanette Fisher

Design Psychology, Joy to the Home®
Homes for glorious living and top-dollar sales 951.678.8780
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eBooks available here from the author. Updated print books will be available soon from new publisher, Joy Publications.

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