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Jeanette Fisher, author of real estate and interior design books, has spent over 15 years researching the psychology of residential design at the University of Florida, Harvard, and experimenting on her homes. Jeanette has a Bachelor's degree from Bethune Cookman College, Florida. She shares her techniques on decorating for happiness and teaches Interior Design Psychology and Real Estate Investing.

Jeanette, her husband Brian, and their children buy "doghouses" and transform them into "dollhouses." They have fixed-up over 35 properties perfecting their techniques. These amazing steps can now be yours.

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Katie Fisher with Flip That House crew

Katie Fisher and Flip That House crew


Jeanette is the author of over ten books, hundreds of articles, and the upcoming color preferences article in Macmillan Encyclopedia. Her articles are also in various magazines including Decorating Solutions.

The entire Fisher family helps fix houses and is filming a special episode of Flip That House. This show will be different because:

  • benefits Habitat for Humanity
  • follows a large family of experienced rehabbers who use Design Psychology to design a buyer's "dream home"
  • the first Flip That House show to feature an author of flipping houses books
  • the home will be staged


former Fisher Family home

Former Fisher Family Home

This Queen Anne Victorian three-story home taught Jeanette more about interior design than her college studies!

After spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours working on this old house, Jeanette discovered that our interior design details influence our emotions, both good and bad!

The Fishers sold their home when they could no longer carry their daughter upstairs. The home is now the Azalea House Bed & Breakfast in Palatka, Florida.

Read more about Sara's incredible story of overcoming devastating illness and disabilities: Saving Sara.

Fisher's vacation home

Sugar Plum Cabin, Finn & Dan Woodward

Dollhouse Home

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The Fisher's "free" cabin. This former HUD repo provides fun for the family and friends while it more than pays for itself.

Jeanette Fisher and grandchildren
Natasha, Jeanette, and Alexander Fisher

Fisher children enjoying snow play

Natasha and Alexander

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Read about Evan Fisher at Scheurer Architects

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For interior design and real estate investing articles by Jeanette, see the Design Psychology website.

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